CSK Sports | I'm from 1986, the year I dreamed of a million soldiers

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Boxing's 1986

The year Mike Tyson knocked out Berbick in 2 rounds and won his first world title, becoming the youngest world heavyweight champion in boxing history.

that year, boxing was officially resumed in China and many sportsmen and women rekindled the flame of the stars.

That year, Weifang Gongxin Sporting Goods Factory (the predecessor of CSK Zhongcheng Wang Sports) was established, and the benchmark enterprise of fighting-type heavyweight sporting goods in China was born.

I. A coincidental birth

On 4 May 1986, Ma Tingzhen founded the Weifang Gongxin Sporting Goods Factory, so named because it was founded by him in cooperation with the Weifang Workers' New Village Primary School.

From a young age he went through ups and downs, playing table tennis as an athlete, going to school to teach as a teacher, going into business to do business ...... In those days, Ma Tingzhen did everything he could to survive.

Synchronising with Chinese combat sports was a coincidence of countless histories, and CSK Zhongcheng Wang was born "by accident"!

II. Emerging on the international stage

In 2001, Tang Jin, once the world's No.1 boxing promoter, came to Beijing to inspect the cooperation with the Great Wall Company, preparing to make the biggest fight tournament in China's history, allowing Holyfield, who had just been bitten by Tyson's ear, to debut in China, with CSK Zhongcheng Wang participating as the equipment party throughout.

Today, CSK has become a diversified modern enterprise combining high-tech development of sports industry and production and operation of sports goods.

Now we have more than 400 varieties, including the latest international standard boxing ring, sparring ring and a full set of equipment and paving for various heavy sports professional training venues, and we also have more than ten national patents.

We have invented the sandbag spinner to avoid the problem of sandbag chains getting tangled, which is now used all over the world.

3. Based on fighting, to be the king of success in the sports industry

The brand logo "CSK" is a combination of the initials of three English words: China , Success and King .

The founder, Ma Tingzhen, uses the spirit of sportsmanship to do his business, no matter what he does, he always wants to be a champion. The corporate culture and original intention of Zhong Cheng Wang is always being passed on and carried forward.

In today's market-oriented wave, we will not only do our best to do well in the fighting market, but also take this as our starting point and aim to be the king of the whole sports industry supplies market!

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